Cheshire and Warrington Business Growth Programme

Are you ready to grow your business?

The Cheshire and Warrington Business Growth programme provides fully funded support for local:

  • Pre-start: Entrepreneurs looking to start a business
  • New start-up: Trading less than 42 months
  • SME: Small and medium-sized enterprises trading over 42 months

We will work with you to access the expertise and knowledge that currently exists across the region from the relevant delivery partner to help develop your skills and grow your business.

Upon signing up to the programme, we will sit with you to complete a business diagnostic which will identify your business needs to enable growth.

You will then be able to access 12 hours of fully funded support (in the form of one-to-one meetings, workshops, seminars, masterclasses and more) across a wide range of business growth areas. These include accounts and finance, marketing, HR, product development and many more.

Top Tip: Write a business plan - It should not be set in stone, as your business will always be evolving, but it is essential for any start-up. It will help you to gain access to funding and investment. #Business #BusinessStartups #BusinessPlan #BusinessGrowth

What makes a great leader? How does a great leader inspire their team? Today, our Cheshire and #Warrington Business Growth Programme team are @TheBaseWA exploring all things #leadership and motivation with #SMEs. Looking forward to hearing everyone's thoughts!

Top tip: Know your market - Carry out as much research as you can. Find out about your market, the demand, your competitors. Talk to potential customers, suppliers, competitors, distributors and ex-employees of competitors. Test your idea and test the market.

We have some great stories that have come from our programme, including the @cdsacademy_. You can read about their story here

#SaturdayMorning musings from @Entrepreneur @heyfeifer - good to know #SMEs can win with #5G #AI and #blockchain @ChamberWCNW @apoorva_tiloda @DoctorAitch @CW_BGP #businesstips

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One of the many delivery partners, the University of Chester, asked programme participants for their thoughts on the support they have received through the programme. The below video captures their responses, and also showcases the type of support available through the programme.